Tehmina in a nutshell

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Any patriotic Pakistani will find their voice in the above speech. Tehmina has clearly mentioned in the above speech that the excellence with which the military runs its’ operations and cantonments, if they do the same to the entire country, the people of Pakistan would perhaps want them to stay. Coming from a woman who is also the wife of the Chief Minister of Punjab and sister in law of the Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, this is indeed a profound prediction and statement.

Before you start wondering, this is just yet another of the trillions of fan pages of Tehmina Durrani (or her website in the previous link or her Twitter handle and her Facebook public page). Consider that an exaggeration 🙂 and her music taste appreciated by many. Her support of acid attack victim of her exes son won her love of millions. Her tweets against the system and corruption have endeared her to the intelligent.

Tehmina Durrani (wiki) is a feminist known for her widely read translated in 40 languages book, MFL or My Feudal Lord, a story of power, politics, abuse, lust and the degradation of women beyond one’s wildest imagination, in the hands of her own. The story of a psychotic cheat of a husband who did everything in his power to physically, mentally and intellectually harm her. Aided by none else then some of her closest and immediate family! A story of lopsided middle class values that force Pakistani women from well to do family to seek a rich and powerful husband, then financial independence.

MFL reviewed in a French blog, at Penguin Books UK, the Independent,  Good Reads, Amazon, Jazbah, India Today. She was also awarded the French Order of Arts & Letters Award, besides a literary interview. While MFL catapulted Tehmina to worldwide fame and awards she didn’t stop at it. Partly because initially she was disowned by her father for displaying the “family jewels” in public and partly for just being the rebel that she had become. Neither was desired, or acceptable in the conservative, hypocrisy filled, exploitative and unjust Pakistani society.

She attached herself to one of the finest human beings alive in the world that Huffington Post calls the Greatest Living Humanitarian, Abdus Sattar Edhi, who created a social welfare industry sans big donors and small minds at Edhi Foundation, a man who brought her, in her words, “acceptance and respect” in the world, in her own, and strangers. She helped write A Mirror to the Blind, an engaging entry into the life of a man well known to the poor, destitute, helpless and even the dead in Pakistan and beyond, and yet unknown as a person and misunderstood due a beard he sports more as a revolutionary then the misnomer of Maulana or Religious Cleric given to him. Liberal, fiery, go getter and innovator, Edhi enticed Tehmina’s imagination so much so that taking after him she launched the Tehmina Durrani Foundation

Her latter book Blasphemy was acclaimed for being as critical of the status quo, as original. Followed by Happy Things in Sorrow Times, a look from a very private and personal perspective at the corridors of power, politics and religion. She’s undertaking a book on paintings for a more casual setting, a departure from her social storm initiatives of the past.

Tehmina has been in the corridors of power and politics of Pakistan since an early age, her interactions after her divorce with Khar with leading politicians and leaders of her time, including Edhi and others polished her sense of politics. Yet her political credo and philosophy firmly clicked with Edhi alone as evident in the Milan speech.

Tehmina entered controversy via marriage in 2003 to Shahbaz Sharif, the Chief Minister of Punjab and brother of Mian Nawaz Sharif, often in the press for corruption recently in Panama Leaks alongside his predecessor Asif Ali Zardari. While Nawaz Sharif’s son Hussain Nawaz has defended the family against the allegations, the BBC has this to opine on the same. While a credible Pakistani newspaper Dawn analysis and ARY besides Daily Pak is here. Even the Pakistani Chief Justice was against the probe as recommended by the government. While the Diplomat claimed the PM was in a jam due the leaks. Fiery critic Imran Khan of PTI defended the ICIJ. And an ex wife of the CM’s son, Hamza Sharif shared Panama related documents with the press. In general, the people believe dynasty politicians like the Sharifs and Bhuttos/Zardaris are corrupt. Pakistan’s ranking in corruption indexes is dismal to say the least. Transparency gives at 117/175 and Wikipedia has dedicated a page to corruption in Pakistan. Goes without saying that large scale and politically influenced deals influence the rankings which goes against all major politicians of Pakistan.

She didn’t cower or hold back her resentment of the same, she blasted the Sharif brothers here, Jugnoo interview, demanded return of assets from Sharifs, Offshore accounts “unethical” and on current Panama leaks scandal. Urging return of wealth, inviting the military to solve problems.